When you think your faith has failed you,

all your hopes and dreams are gone,

listen for the angel voice that whispers just hold on



Phone  021 215 8661Introduction  Hi my name is Megan I am from Southland, New Zealand but moved to North Canterbury in 2015. My journey started back in 2002 when I began suffering chronic fatigue like symptoms, this lead me to study Naturopathy in Brisbane Australia. I began working as a Naturopath and discovered I could see the emotional links to symptoms or illness in people. This lead me to learning how to balance and heal the chakra or energy system.

  • Naturopathic consultation
  • Chakra Healing

I have a  beautiful gift of seeing the emotional linkages to symptoms or illness in the body. By drawing a map of the energy system in the body I can show you where blockages or energy leaks are and what is causing them.

I also have a beautiful gift of balancing the energy system in the body. This involves clearing energy, opening the energy up or closing it down allowing people to come back to their path in life. 

My learned skill of Naturopathic Consultations involves utilising the old ways of healing. Naturopathy diagnostics involve looking at the tongue, looking into the eyes using iridology, and nail diagnostics. By taking a full history I can utilise cupping, prescribe herbal tinctures, nutritional supplements and make up individual flower essences.

The aim of healing is to allow the person to come into alignment with their right path in life and move about in the world with clarity and focus.

Love and light x



Phone  021 025 23721Introduction  Hi my name is Grace I'm from Galway and I have recently moved to Christchurch.  My spiritual journey started 2 years ago in Ireland and since then I had people come to me for spiritual readings life guidance and energy healing which has helped them to find their true path in life.
  • Angel Readings - Communicate with the Angels
  • Spiritual Healing  - Energy Healing through Spirit
  • Life Coaching - Empowering You.
I have a beautiful gift of connecting with and seeing the Angels & Spirit Guides.  I communicate with   Ark Angel Michael and Ark Angel Raphael who send me messages guidance and clarity on one's life journey.

I also have a wonderful gift of energy healing through spirit healing fear, stress, worries, anxiety, emotional hurt etc allowing your energy to flow peacefully enabling you to feel lighter and clearer as you move forward in life trusting and having faith.

As a life coach I help people to take back control of their life giving them focus clarity and direction. This enables one to reach their goal and continue to be successful in life.
Love Light Blessings